Drupal consulting for the World Press Trends Database

The new website of the World Press Trends Database is online!

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers - WAN-IFRA - with headquarters in Frankfurt and Paris commissioned Drupal agency Berger Schmidt with the development of a Drupal website, which (a) concentrates on certain core functionalities, and (b) enables an integration of external database services.

Berger Schmidt developed the website in close coordination with the IT of WAN-IFRA and trained the staff on programming Drupal-7 modules, which make the connection to the external services.

In the project the Drupal website takes over the following functions:

  1. User and access management
  2. Hosting of modules for connecting the ;external services
  3. Caching of nodes and views for reports and summaries
  4. Integration of Google Maps
  5. Management of static content
  6. Display of content (theming)

The custom Drupal modules of WAN-IFRA provide JavaScript libraries (jQWidgets) as well as scripts (apps) for the query of the database services and for the displaying of data in tables and charts.

The choosen approach follows the concept of progressive decouling.

World Press Trends Report 2015

Based on the World Press Trends Database a yearly report is generated, at last the World Press Trends Report 2015.

In the description to the report is said:

The 2015 World Press Trends report provides a snapshot of the global newspaper industry, with aggregated international data on circulation, advertising, readership, titles, revenues, digital platforms and more. The report is drawn from WAN-IFRA's World Press Trends database, which includes national reports and tools to export the data in customised reports.

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