Would you like to inform and communicate, to structure data and optimize processes, to advertise and sell products? We develop your web service platform!

Web Applications

We program web applications — functional and user-friendly.

  • HTML

    Hypertext Markup Language

  • CSS

    Cascading Style Sheets

  • JavaScript

    Programming Language

  • Node JS

    JavaScript Runtime Environment

  • PHP

    Programming Language

  • Python

    Programming Language

Solid Foundation

We build on server software, that drives the world wide web.

  • Linux

    Open Source Software

  • Apache

    Open Source Software

  • MariaDB

    Relational Database Server

  • Composer

    PHP Dependency Manager

  • Symfony

    PHP Component Library

  • GIT

    Version Control System

Your Contact Persons

We are your contact persons for project inquiries. Talk to us!

Agile Development

We use proven tools for design, development, and project management.

  • Ubuntu

    Enterprise Linux

  • Atlassian

    Development Tools

  • JetBrains

    Development Tools

  • Mozilla

    Development Tools

  • Adobe

    Creative Cloud

  • Figma

    Interface Design Tool

Our Locations