Conception and programming for the web portal neo(t)räume

The web portal neo(t)räume initiated by the Bundeverband "Das Frühgeborene Kind" e.V (Federal Association “The Premature Infant”) is online!

The internet agency Berger Schmidt conceptualized and developed the portal on behalf of the Federal Association and on the design cooperated with the designer buero Schumacher. Visuelle Kommunikation.

The architecture of the rooms on display was designed by Prof. Oliver Hantke - üD Studio and his student team. The illustrations of the rooms and the transformation of the architectural data into the 3D context were done by Holmer Schleyerbach - Form Royal.

The Federal Association (Bundesverband) is responsible for the content, while an interdisciplinary scientific advisory board was instrumental in the development of the project.


The portal neo(t)räume® demonstrates how the rooms of a neonatal intensive care unit could be planned and equipped. Additionally, the portal addresses related topics like hygiene, safety, temperature, acoustics and lighting.

The target audience consists of all medical staff in neonatal units, project managers, architects, lighting and acoustic professionals, building services, and parents as well as relatives.

They can all access this information during the rebuilding or construction of neonatal units and they can also help with their feedback to the portal.

Web portal

The portal combines traditional forms of expression for images and text with modern 3D-visualizations.

Visitors can view the rooms in 360° panorama mode while activating so called hotspots to display additional information on specific contexts. Moreover, the rooms are available as conventional ground plans and as illustrated top views as PNG and PDF files.

For the 3D functions, Berger Schmidt uses the krpano Panorama Viewer which renders the architectural visualizations to Adobe Flash and HTML5. On mobile devices the application responds to touch gestures and movements.

Editorial work is done in the Drupal content management system where the architects are provided with extensive options for entering and editing data for the 3D visualizations.

Berger Schmidt developed a custom Drupal module for the integration of the krpano Panorama Viewers that allows for an automated configuration of the panoramas as well as access to the hotspots for the authors.

GNPI 2014

Visitors of the 40th annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Neonatologie und Pädiatrische Intensivmedizin (Association for Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine) in Bonn ( could acquaint themselves with the project at the information desk of the Federal Association.

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