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Open-Source Consulting

Guidance in selecting appropriate software — Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python etc.

Independence and flexibility in the selection of products and services, as well as cost transparency are important criteria for the establishment and operation of IT systems in enterprises.

In the area of web-based systems, the wide range of open source software (LAMP) plays an existentially important role.

Open-Source Consulting

We advise medium-sized businesses and public institutions in their selection of appropriate software and assist in building the IT infrastructure.

Green IT · Free Software · Open-Source

By deploying „Green IT”, i.e. systems that can deal with the available energy efficiently, as well as using open source and free software products, it is possible to create a responsible and cost efficient work environment.

We have had good experience working with open source software, since — due to the adherence to open standards — an integration of components is quite feasible.

In addition established organizations and companies continue to develop and improve the software which allows us to plan long term.

Consulting · Training · Support

Good software and energy-efficient computers, however, won't make a difference if employees in companies can't adept them, because of a lack of time or understanding.

That's why we gladly help our customers by providing consultation, training and support with problems their employees may have, and assist them with the integration of new technologies.

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