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Content Management

Development of websites and web applications using the Open-Source Content-Management-System Drupal.

At various points in businesses, information is collected, processed, and used in daily work. There is information on projects and products, materials for marketing and sales, as well as contacts to partners and customers.

To make this information available in the right place at the right time is often crucial to the efficiency of employees and thus the success of companies.


We develop software for information management and corporate communications as well as to implement business processes (BPM).

We use content management systems (WCM) to manage information centrally and make it available to the employee worldwide (PIM).

Via web applications, we promote teamwork between employees, business partners and customers on the Internet or in intranets.

Meta Data · Taxonomies · Semantic Web

We have profound knowledge in the theories and methods of information management. We deal with documentation, standardization, technical writing, and work with metadata, taxonomies and controlled vocabularies.

We are excited about the developments of the Semantic Web, because we think that a great potential for companies exists here.

PHP · Drupal · Python · Middleware

We have had very good experience with the content management system Drupal.

For the development of intranet and web applications, we also recommend software written in the programming language Python, as they work well with other middleware.

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