Responsive portfolio website for Daniels + Erdwiens

The new portfolio website of Daniels + Erdwiens is online!

The team of Berger Schmidt developed the responsive website based on the Open-Source content management system Drupal, and during conception and planning worked together with the product designers.

The design of the website was implemented by following the guidelines of Micha Daniels, slideshows were programmed for the frontpage and the project pages, and for the display of images and text in variable layouts a custom layout editor was developed.

The frontpage of the website is implemented as one-pager. It contains the most important informationen about the Industrial Design Studio, and offers links to the project portfolio as well as the blog.

Designing COBI

Since summer 2014 Daniels + Erdwiens are working on a notedly exciting project: COBI. They write about it in their blog: COBI - the smart hub for connected biking.

Responsive Design
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