Online Shop with Drupal Commerce for comazo|protect

The online shop of the comazo|protect brand is online.

Internet agency Berger Schmidt with offices in Darmstadt and Karlsruhe developed the web shop for textile manufacturer Comazo on basis of Drupal Commerce, and for the planning and conception worked together with team eComazo and graphic designer Christian Heyse.

The image and text editing is done by eComazo, while Christian Heyse puts in icons, photos and collages.

Support for Ubercart

In 2013 Berger Schmidt took over the support for Comazo's online shop running on Ubercart, and thus became acquainted with the product portfolio and the sales procedures.

As one of the first actions, the connection between the online shop and Comazo's merchandise planning and control system was programmed; afterwards custom extensions for the shop filters (for clothing sizes for instance), specifically designed for the textile industry, were added in terms of custom views plugins.

Relaunch with Drupal Commerce

The new web shop for comazo|protect goes online with round about 50 special products from the workwear and protection wear sector.

The shop is implemented future ready, so that a following migration of the existing online shop with an essential larger product range is possible.

For the data migration from Ubercart (Drupal-6) to Drupal Commerce (Drupal-7) custom modules and migration scripts get programmed; and the products, product categories and sale options get revised and standardized.

Content Driven Commerce

The advertising for the special products of the comazo|protect brand is characterized by the communication of technical requirements, for example, ISO norms and certificates, as well as by the detailed explanation of materials, technologies and manufacturing processes.

The customers usually work in areas that have high demands on the function of clothes to bring (as flame retardant, thermal or shape-regulation), and are very familiar with the characteristics of their work clothes.

According to the concept of content driven commerce, relevant information is put aside the products, and numerous articles on topics such as technology, material, machinery or quality assurance are available for the customers in the Lab.

Responsive Brand Design

On the new plattform it is possible to add further shops for Comazo's sub brands, and design these in their respective Look-and-Feel.

On technical side the module ThemeKey as well as corresponding sub themes for the separate brands are utilized.

The Comazo-Base-Theme brings all essential functions of responsive design, thereby the online shop can be used comfortably on tablets and smartphones.

Quote from the Online Shop

On the website it is written:

comazo|protect bietet Ihnen ein breites Sortiment an hochwertiger Schutzwäsche und Arbeitswäsche. Ob Brandschutzkleidung, Polizeibekleidung, Kopfschutzhauben oder Sicherheitskleidung, mit unserer Arbeitswäsche sind Sie immer bestens geschützt. (...)

All unsere Produkte erfüllen zertifzierte Standards. Für unsere comazo|protect Schutzbekleidung entwickeln und kombinieren wir spezielle Materialien, die höchsten Vorgaben und Standards für Ihre Sicherheit entsprechen. (...)

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