Drupal website for Patzak Design integrating Responsive Web Design

The new Website of Patzak Design - Industrial Design & Packaging is online, and follows the principle of Responsive Web Design.

Upgrade to Drupal 6

At first Berger Schmidt upgraded the CMS Drupal from version 5 to 6. During that the content of the old site (over 500 images organised in around 80 projects) was transferred automatically, reducing the editorial effort.

Responsive Web Design

To ensure compatibility to mobile devices like the Apple iPad or the Apple iPhone the Adobe Flash format was replaced by HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The web experts Berger Schmidt programmed a custom Drupal theme which displays the layout, typography and images in a flexible way. This approach allows the website to respond to screen resolutions of different devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone etc.) in a flexible way.

This so called Responsive Design is controlled with (CSS) Media Queries and can easily be upgraded for new kinds of displays.

Slideshow with jQuery

For the display of images in a slideshow, a custom Drupal module was programmed. The module utilizes the JavaScript library jQuery to offer the wanted functions (play, pause, pager, animations) of the slideshow.


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